Bermann Americas

Masterful at any construction site

Need a dumper that is efficient and able to handle some of the roughest terrain? You need the Bergmann America’s C815s.

The C815s dumpers can transport dirt, aggregate, or other materials on any job site. Tight or crowded areas can be accessed because of their short tail designs, and their swivel tip buckets can be turned 180 degrees. Move large amounts of material with Maximum Payloads that range from 9,921 lb to 55,116 lb.

Need a flatbed hauler instead? No problem. We can install a flatbed onto the C815s to make hauling railroad ties and any other materials quicker.

Need a fast-moving water truck? We got you covered.

Bergmann C815s | Wheel dumper

Rear tip dumper Three-way dumper Swivel dumper
Payload 26,455 lb 26,455 lb 26,455 lb
Capacity level 8.5 yd3 5.5 yd3 8.5 yd3
Capacity heaped 10.5 yd3 10.5 yd3 10.5 yd3
Total length 22.42 ft 24.91 ft 23.39 ft
Total height 8.22 ft 8.34 ft 8.20 ft
Clearance height 10.00 ft 9.93 ft 9.68 ft
Ground clearance 1.41 ft 1.41 ft 1.39 ft
Dumping height 3.03 ft 1.47 ft 4.73 ft
Load height 7.32 ft 6.73 ft 8.01 ft
Engine horsepower 159 hp 159 hp 159 hp
Empty weight 19,932 lb 21,958 lb 24,422 lb